Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Spring Week 4


  • SFX Pass: 5h 30m
  • Recording session: 1h
  • Bugfixing: 2h30m

Total Hours: 9 hours


AHHHH things are finally starting to come together! The team is firing on all cylinders and I was able to get 90% of the sound effects we need for the game – gathering, editing, and putting them in engine. Many of them have also been implemented, and it feels really good to see the placeholder audio die a painful death. WE’RE FINISHED RECORDING. Syd wrapped up with our voice actors last week, and Dan and I joined Shiloh in the studio yesterday to record a few last miscellaneous voice lines for the police chief and the jury lead. ALSO! Many bugs were fixed, including Mavis not handing the player the invitation and the characters getting stuck in the doorway. Also, the machine keys have snap capabilities now. Nice.


We still have to fix SnapGrabbable so objects have gravity again when the player drops them, and I have a few more SFX to nab (note made in notepad, and the crunch for sticking in the flower labels, which I’ll be grabbing from STILL ON THE WATER since we already have a perfect sound for that). Additionally, I’ll be implementing the rest of everything, as it turns out spatialization for VR requires a little bit more than spatialization for a standard 3D game. The good thing is that I know what that little bit more entails and should easily be able to do that by next week.

Looking Ahead:

  • More SFX
  • More bugfixing
  • WIP build
  • Implement new tracks if I get them from the sound team.