Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Spring Week 4


  • Recording Sessions as scheduled: 4h
  • Database Entry: 3h
  • Voice Line entrance into unity: 2h
  • Fake Eye Model: 2h
  • Fix chair model: 30m
  • Modeling room fillers: 4h

Total Hours: 15h 30m


The correct way to UV a sphere.


Positives: The implementation of voice lines is well underway!! Full conversations are active in the scene now, the characters talk out loud with indirect hints to puzzles, and the player has access to all evidence they need to solve the crime! I’ve also finished up the fake eye model to hand off to Cris along with a few more models to fill the room.

Negatives: We’re sweating and its GO TIME.

Looking Ahead: Finish piano model, finalize all voice lines in the game, work on other filler models.

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