Chris Lucas, PPJ, Spring Week 5


  • Texture new scene items (80%) 7h 30m
  • Blood drip (100%) 30m
  • Total Hours: 8 hr

Positives: I solved the bug from last week where certain models weren’t showing up in the project, so that’s good. I also started first draft of the particle effect for dripping blood, down from the ceiling to create the puddle the player sees. Texture new scene items is at 80% because we have so many new models – this is a positive in one light, but means there’s more to go through on my end as well. Still a positive, but I wasn’t able to get to all of them this week.

Ellis’ mask and eye

Negatives: Task wasn’t 100% this week, which is also a negative, but I am using more procedural materials to get through the backlog.

Looking Ahead: Texturing more areas and adding in some VFX


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