Erin Truesdell, PPJ Spring Week 5


We’re sprinting (or flinging)


  • Machine Model Smoothing – 1h30m
  • SFX work – 1h
  • Police Chief ccene – 1h
  • Playtest Prep & Host – 4h
  • Hook up new corpse model – 1h
  • WIP build – 30m

Total Hours: 9 hours


THE GAME IS COMING TOGETHER! I’m getting my hands on more and more things to get the final versions into the scene and get this game looking and running as best as it can. We ran a great playtest with some of Samara’s coworkers, which gave us insights into how people who have never played the game before react to it. I’m currently planning another test with brand-new players for this weekend.


Lots of stuff got to me on the late side and didn’t make it in to this week’s build because, to be frank, it was 2 AM and I decided to prioritize getting sleep. Here’s to not letting school get in the way of my health. There’s still work to do.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Bugfixing, polish
  • Implementing ALL OF THE THINGS!

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