Samara Painter, PPJ, Spring Week 5

Conversation Helper Scripts: 1h
Finish Voice Line Entry: 5h
Add Evidence/Discovery: 1h
Accusation Dialogue Fixes: 2h
Play Test: 4h
Disable Machine Bug Fix: 30m
Disable Conversation Prompt Bug Fix: 30m

Total Hours: 14h


We got most of the conversations and the evidence discovery in! Now you can have almost all the conversations, minus a post-accusation one for Mavis. The conversations will update and become active/inactive depending on where in the puzzle sequence the player is, and who they’ve already talked to. I also updated the accusation logic to allow for a pre-accusation conversation, which appears before the player must select their evidence.

The video below shows conversations between Madeline and Victor. If you have the conversation with Victor before the conversation with Madeline, you can ask Madeline about what Victor talked about. It also shows one of the updated pre-accusation conversations.

I also fixed a couple small bugs. The machine used to be interactive before it should be in the puzzle flow. I updated it so that it only becomes active after the player solves the hand scanner puzzle.


The conversation prompt used to pop up regardless of whether the character actually had something to say or not. I updated it so that it only appears if the character has something to talk to the player about.


Finally, a bunch of  my coworkers came over Friday for a play test. They played our game for a long time, and gave us valuable feedback. While I do wish we were in a better position to show off the game to them, it gave us a good indicator of what to adjust/fix for tomorrow’s play test.



There’s still a lot to do, and a lot that didn’t work nearly as well as we planned. In particular, the accusation changes gave me a lot of trouble, and I’m hoping to get them finished and finalized within the next week.

Looking Ahead:
More Bug Fixes
Finish Up Accusation Dialogue Fixes
Add in Machine Key Dialogue/Evidence

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