Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Spring Week 5


  • Voice Lines into Unity: 5h
  • Fixing Ellis: 1h
  • Finalize Piano model: 3h
  • Finalize Machine model: 4h
  • Finalize Camera Model: 2h
  • Lineart for Poster: 2h

Total Hours: 17h

I had way too much fun with Ellis’s model.

Positives: More models to make our room look better! Also!!! Ellis. With. Eye. Thing. He’s in there and WAY less scary than our placeholder monstrosity. Our dialogue is IN. Full conversations can be HAD. New Piano. New Machine. New Stuff! Also art for the poster was done and now it looks pretty sick thanks to Joe!


Negatives: I lost a day over the weekend to GameFest (CONGRATS SONS OF RA!!!!) for work BUT made it up on Monday with no class. Also I broke Ellis’ face just a little bit.

Looking Ahead: Model whatever I am told to, model filler assets as needed, scream

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