Samara Painter, PPJ, Spring Week 6


Make Teleportation Able to be Cancelled: 1h
Update teleportation controls: 5m
Fix Conversation Bugs: 1h35m
Make Door Close Behind Player: 1h15m
Fix Archive Receiver Door: 45m
Delay Events to Give Player Time to Look: 15m

Total Hours: 4h55m


I got a lot done this week in a short amount of time, including some things that I wasn’t confident I would be able to do (cancel teleportation and fix the conversation bugs). I made a fairly large dent in the bug list Erin gave to me, and although I’m sure we’ll find more, I think that it’s good progress overall.





I didn’t spend as much time on the project this week as I normally do, due to poor time management on my part. I plan on doing my work earlier on in the upcoming week, to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Looking Ahead:
Bug Fixing
Adding Final Voice Lines

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