Erin Truesdel, PPJ, Spring Week 7


  • Showcase Deck Revision: 3h
  • Bugfixing: 4h
  • Playtest: 1h30m
  • Balance Victor Audio: 1h
  • Spatialize Police Chief Sound: 5m

Total Hours: 9h30m


Spent lots of time in-engine this week doing a whole bunch of things. I’ve figured out where our major NavMesh bug is happening, which is good – I know where I need to start from when fixing it this week. Joe and I took sound balancing off of Sydney’s plate so she can breathe for once in her life and not implode before the showcase. Additionally, we made some major upgrades to our showcase deck and I’m looking forward to showing it off in class. I also managed to get one person in-headset to help us find bugs, which is always nice. The sound team has promised me 4 or 5 new tracks this coming week, so I’ll also be working to implement those.

This is, uh…not supposed to happen.
What even are animations
Madeline, that’s not how human bodies are supposed to work


I am concerned the NavMesh bug might only be able to be resolved by rethinking how we handle it, which will take a good deal of time and is not an ideal situation. Also, midterms ate my life. There are never not bugs to fix. I might enlist Samara to help with Navmesh if she’s available so I don’t actually commit a murder while working on it.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Finish police chief scene
  • Cut together and balance Ellis audio
  • Fix Navmesh
  • Help Sydney set dress
  • Revise showcase deck
  • Implement music from sound team

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