Samara Painter, PPJ, Spring Week 7

Add Safety Net: 1h30m
Minor Accusation/Conversation Fixes: 1h15m
Make More Things Throwable: 1h
Stop Player Reaching Through Machine Door: 20m
Door Close Bug: 20m

Total Time: 4h25m

I finished all the bug fixes I was assigned to this week, including some that were previously giving me headaches. Briefly, I’ll go over what each fix entailed:

Add Safety Net – I made it so that if the player (or objects) fall out of the scene accidentally, they are teleported back to either the hall (pre-door puzzle solve) or the middle of the room (post-door puzzle solve).


Minor Accusation/Conversation Fixes – Victor was displaying that he had an available conversation when he didn’t. Mavis has a post-accusation conversation that still needed to be added in. The verbiage of the accusation has been updated to be made more clear.

Make More Things Throwable – People naturally want to throw stuff in our game, we made that more possible.



Stop Player Reaching Through Machine Door – We included a setup recipe in the machine to help the players with how the machine works. The problem was that players could reach through the machine and grab the objects we placed there before the machine turned on. To fix it I simply turned off those game objects until the machine becomes active.

Door Close Bug – The threshold for the door closing after everyone entered the scene was too close to the doorway, so the player could get locked in the hallway accidentally.

Syd and I didn’t get to finish inputting the voice lines this week as we still don’t have everything we need to input. Luckily, once we get everything, it shouldn’t take too long.

Looking Ahead:
Bug Fixing as Needed
Finish Inputting Voice Lines

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