Samara Painter, PPJ, Spring Week 8

Finish Voice Line Entry: 45m
Database Value Entry & Related Bug Fixes: 1h15m
Fix Snapgrabbable Gravity: 45m (timeless)

Total Hours: 2h45m


I didn’t have a lot to do this week, but I got all of my outstanding tasks done. Syd and I finished adding the final voice lines in, including the introduction and end game ones.

I fixed some relationship value issues we had with our database in order to prep for when we have all the completed tracks for our dynamic soundtrack. You can see in the bottom left-hand corner of this gif (it’s difficult I know) that the value increases as the player talks to the NPC.


I also finally fixed our code that snaps objects to specific places, so now those objects can also have gravity. Which means the player can now throw the DNA lamp, which is obviously the most important part of the game.



Honestly, this week went pretty smoothly.

Looking Ahead:
Bug Fixing as Needed

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