Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 9


  • Script Writing: 8h
  • Talk with the sound lads about getting the recording studio: 20m

Total Hours: 8h 20m

Have some exposition!


Positives: Finals are upon us and death has touched this place. I have negative time right now which is really fun and definitely effective when attempting to be productive. Unfortunately I had to schedule things for GDC work in the slots that I usually work on senior project so time is flip flopped right now. STILL we made progress on the story. I have it completely mapped out now and we did a brainstorm session to make sure everyone was clear with the entire story. We also decided that the machine at the end had “memory scenes” in the form of audio to replace conversation the player may have missed. While it saves us on feeling bad if the player misses a conversation, it added more to the script that needs to be written. BIG FEAR.

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Negatives: Finals week has been pushed one week closer because of GDC which means a lot of my own stuff is due earlier. AHHH time please come back I miss you.

Looking Ahead: Confirm final cast for voices, continue trying to finish this beast that is a script (please end me)

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 8


  • Script Writing: 6h
  • Finding voice actors: 20m

Total Hours: 6h


Positives: This week was…something. Honestly it was kind of a bad week for me and I did not get a ton done. I worked on the script and ended up creating a little more work because I changed some conversations that then needed context for things and blah blah blah I need to not be a fool. I put what I do have into twine simply to visualize timing better. Now I have a nifty map of conversations that I can branch from and reorganize. What was cool was the group of voice actor applications from a bunch of people! Real people read my script and that’s just terrifying! We’ve picked favorites, but want input from the rest of the group before we make our final selection.

Negatives: I let my problems get the better of me this week and did not work as much as I wanted. What I will be doing is making up for lost time this whole week and if I don’t get this script done I’m going to eject myself from this plane of existence.

Looking Ahead: Finish script (again pt. 3), send a bunch of emails to voice actors and hopefully begin recording scheduling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 7


  • Motion Capture Session: 5h
  • Playtest Day: 6h
  • Script Writing: 4h

Total Hours: 15h




Positives: This week was quite a whirlwind of work. Dan and I had planned a motion capture session Friday and we got all the animations we could see us needing. Most of the data has been cleaned already by other team members too. One big time suck I had planned for in our gantt actually went pretty smoothly so that’s pretty awesome. We also had a big playtest day on accepted students day and had a few people in the headsets. It was very helpful getting eyes and hands on our game that were completely unfamiliar with the concept or VR. It showed me where our puzzle guidance needed buffs and how players applied logic to what we gave them. While we found a whole new set of flaws, at least we know what they are and how we could fix them.

Negatives: We ran into a bunch of technical issues this week on the playtest set up and the mocap set up is never flawless. Normal problems so no concerns.

Looking Ahead: Finish script (again), send voice actor apps out to drexel peeps

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 6


  • Finish 2-3 more scenes of dialogue: 2h
  • Record and cut all dialogue available: 6h
  • Work with Samara to get all that stuff in scene: 3h

Total Hours: 11h

Have a picture of my business card while you’re here.


Positives: Maya is still a little broken but that’s ok because I didn’t touch it this week. We decided to go hard this week and get as much art into the main scene as possible in preparation for a playtest this coming week. That meant working with Dan to record ourselves reading all the dialogue to test player reaction to hints and audio cues. That ate up a lot of time, BUT it also led to a lot of good talk about how we want the story to progress and how we want to build suspicion.

Negatives: I have to write a paper this week and I don’t wanna.

Looking Ahead: Finish script, do mocap shoot, listen to any voice acting submissions we get sent.

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 5


  • Model camera: 1h
  • Fight with Maya: 4h
  • Adjust desk lever: 20m
  • Write one scene of dialogue: 1h

Total Hours: 6h 20m


Positives: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, well…the good thing is I looked through our Gantt chart and even though it looks like we’re behind, we’re actually kind of on schedule. We were ambitious (it can’t wait) when planning, and have week 7 onwards to play catch up. I unfortunately did not get a ton done this week because I instead fought Maya for hours because it decided to not be a modeling software.

Negatives: Other projects ate up my time this week which is not great but I can catch up next week.

Looking Ahead: finish 2-3 more scenes of dialogue, remodel camera because its ugly, remodel room walls