Team PPJ, Fall Week 6

Everything is in one place…kind of.

It’s been an EXTREMELY hectic week here at Prediction Error. We’ve been prototyping like mad scientists, pulling together a work-in-progress scene that has most of the key components of our design and prototyping work so far.

This means we have a playable build with a conversation, (very) alpha teleportation, a simple (until it gets art) puzzle, and a murder board that works!


The murder board is particularly exciting, as it’s a key part of our game that required the collaboration of three individuals and relies on several challenging scripts to function. However, it’s in great shape, and we’re happy to have seen it come together so fast! Players can select photos (from a lovely sample set featuring Aziz Ansari, Ryan Gosling, and a painting of a monk, among other things), place them on the board, rearrange them, despawn the board, and pull it back up at any time during gameplay.

We also have the beginnings of a line-drawing connection mechanism for the murder board, as created by Chris.


The art team is still hard at work working on concepting and greyboxing, including a full-size room floorplan created by Sydney and new concept art from Dan,



The sound team has begun creating the basis for their compositions, and we look forward to having audio to work with in the coming weeks!

It’s Week 6 and we’ve got a build and lots to show for our five weeks of hard work.

But there’s still plenty to do. We ran into some hiccups with creting the prototype, and code crashed into itself, shaders became incompatible with the render pipeline, and technology sometimes just hated us.

This week, we’re looking forward to addressing some of these bugs, finalizing all of our concepts, and setting ourselves up to get started creating!

Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Fall Week 6

WIP It Good



  • Greybox Prototype: 6h
  • Murder Board Scroll: 1h
  • Murder Board Photo Grab: 2h
  • Deliverables/Management: 1h

Total Hours: 10h

Positives: Everything is in one scene! Well, mostly. My week focused on taking all of the wonderful prototype work the team has been doing and getting it together into one WIP build. It’s good to see each individual’s work really coming together, and moving forward we’ll be all working together on one scene. Additionally, I got to pitch in on the murder board and help Samara with the scrolling prototype, as well as completing a script to support players “grabbing” photos from their scrollbar. Finally, I had the chance to implement VR interactions into my player piano puzzle, which weere so satisfying to see in action!

Negatives: As one might expect when combining work from four people, there were hiccups. Textures broke. Bugs were uncovered. Getting the piano functions to work in VR took far longer than planned. I had some time management issues this week, which resulted in not nearly enough sleep while getting the prototype together. I have a lot of work to do in the upcoming week addressing bugs that popped up, such as teleportation overshooting and the RenderTexture on the Polaroid camera having problems/not showing up. (Early research indicates this is likely due to our switch to a LightweightRenderPipeline and may be a Unity issue for which we’ll have to find a workaround.)

I didn’t get to spend as much time on task planning/Gantt making this week as I was focused on getting this WIP ready to demo, so that’ll be a task for me to collaborate on with Sydney this coming week.


Looking Ahead:

  • Debug Greybox Prototype
  • Finish Gantt Chart with Sydney



Joseph Brown, PPJ, Fall Week 6


  • Postmoretm interview with Cory Zicolella – 3h
  • VR Research 1h
  • Noir Research 5h

Total Hours: 9h

Positives: Stefan Rank can meet, and everyone is getting their schedules in for other reasons, so I will be able to set a proper meeting up with him. I met with Cory Zicolella, a member of a 2017 senior project team that created Shadow Circuit, a VR sport game with heavy Tron influences. We talked about workflows and asset creation, along with burn out, team unity, content ownership, and post production marketing. I also went through a pair of more contemporary noir films, Drive and LA Confidential, to look at how the main characters’ interactions within these films made their actions meaningful and interesting. LA Confidential in particular saw the interesting use of a camera, and though our camera’s purpose is different, I worked out some concepts on how staging could be used to make the mechanic more compelling.

Negatives: This was a bad week for me personally. There was some drama with my family back home that rose up and distracted me from getting any substantial amount of meaningful work done this week. I tried to use the time I had for something useful, and channeled it into more research into our genre. Luckily, the issue is now resolved, and I have extra time this week that I will use to make up for the time I lost.

Looking Ahead:

  • Player Interaction Document added to GDD
  • Developing UI further for:
    • murder wall
    • object interactions
    • character interactions
  • Meeting with Stefan Rank
  • Escape Room research and design

LA Confidential's setup of camera

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Fall Week 6


  • Final Room Staging: 5h
  • Gantt Draft: 2h
  • Project Timeline Draft for Dr. Muschio: 30m

Total Hours: 7h 30m

Positives: I remodeled the room! We have super basic placeholder assets for the general objects in the main room and wall panels. Each wall panel also has an empty section above it to allow us to continue working on the room movement. This has helped me understand how crowded or open the space can feel. I want to get a draft of the roof idea I have in and see what the space feels like in VR. We also have a bunch of pinterest boards that I added to this week specifically for mask/costume design for the NPCs we want to have.


Negatives: I didn’t get to start modeling objects for the final scene this week, but I feel like that comes with a positive. While planning out our draft Gantt chart, I got a better grasp of how much time we have left and where the most important things lie. Next week I want to select hero objects and assign them to modelers to start populating the scene with the crucial things before we get bogged down in details.

Looking Ahead:

  • Assign Hero Models
  • Begin writing a scene of dialogue
  • Draft puzzle chain of events

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Fall Week 6


  • Concept Art work: 5 hr
  • Team Meeting: 1h
  • PPJ: 20m

Total Hours: 6h 20m

Positives: This week I was able to make some strides on getting designs ready for the characters. We didn’t have a meeting for the art team this week, but we did receive instructions on how to proceed with the drafting of designs by the producer. All in all it was very productive, at least with all things considered, over multiple aspects too. I was able to work with things that I haven’t done before, such as digital work and new designs and ways to pursue them. I am intrigued with what the project leads want us to do, the style they want to tackle, and I am truthfully enjoying stepping out of my comfort zone. My favorite helmet design for our Noble woman was lauded by the other artists which is a wonderful feeling to be honest.

Negatives: I made great strides with my work but I feel like there was time wasted. Specifically I spent time teaching myself how to draw digitally so that I can have an easier time sharing my work with the group. This is a short term negative as it will help out in the long term, but still. We need to iron out exactly what we want the design to be. Ergo I will push to have a meeting this upcoming week to unify all the ideas that we have brought together. That is not say that we have different ideas as how to proceed, but I want to make sure that our end goals align, and if they don’t, I am happy to shift them.