Team PPJ, Fall Week 7

The protoype is less broken, art is being created, puzzles are being planned and greyboxed – everything is starting to come together! Though several members of our team had hurdles this week, including illnesses, swim meets, and religious retreats, it feels like we’re finally getting into a rhythm that we can use to keep this project going through to the finish line.


Better teleportation and custom hand shaders are in the prototype scene.


A second puzzle has been greyboxed thanks to Samara.



Sydney worked on concept art for the wall on which said puzzle takes place.


Models for the bio wall and for the general room were drafted.




On this week’s docket:

  • Using our usual classtime to meet and improve the puzzle progression flowchart developed this week.
  • Last call for character concept art!
  • Drafting another conversation.
  • Getting our first sound files and implementing them!
  • Refining puzzles in and debugging the prototype scene.
  • Finishing putting all of our planned tasks into our Gantt chart.
  • Draft central room model.
  • Assign and begin work on hero models.

Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Fall Week 7

“My Tummy was Making the Rumblies that Only Hands Could Satisfy”


  • Greybox Prototype Bugfixing: 3h
  • First Draft Puzzle Flowchart: 1h
  • Deliverables: 1h

Total Hours: 5h

Positives: Work is going smoothly! I was able to troubleshoot many of the issues that arose in last week’s early-morning, sleep-deprived build. I’ve applied a custom shader to the hands so they (should) show up in the build and aren’t a horrible retina-burning pink in the editor. I implemented Samara’s improved teleportation mechanic into our main prototype scene. The art team is becoming more autonomous and that’s one less thing I have to worry about. I managed to not have to stay up all night to get deliverables ready, which is really nice. Finally, though I feel like I didn’t accomplish a lot this week, I’ll be physically present in Philadelphia this weekend for the first time in 3 weeks and I’ll be able to run and test much more regularly.

Negatives: I didn’t get a lot done this week because I was away on retreat all weekend and didn’t stay up all night Monday because that’s not healthy. There are still bugs that need to be fixed, and I need to write a handler that takes Chris’ murder board line handler and makes it work with VR gestures and the rest of the murder board. The piano puzzle has had some mysterious issues, which I plan to fix in the upcoming week.

Flowchart Draft Sent
Sending the (very) rough flow chart to the team.

Looking Ahead:

  • Debug Piano Puzzle
  • Write VR/murderboard hookups for line handler
  • Add Samara’s biowall puzzle to prototype scene
  • Add 3 sample conversations to prototype scene
  • Implement soundtrack sample track



Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Fall Week 7


  • Central Room Modeling: 5h
  • Bio Room Sketches: 2h
  • Writing Sample Dialogue: 1h

Total Hours: 8h

Positives: Room modeling has begun! I’m getting back into modeling after spending the last few projects as producer. My biggest fear right now is making sure these models don’t tank our performance. I also switched from making a photobash of the bio room to sketching out what I imagined it looked like. It was just faster for me and I can grab photos as references for specific items in the draft. Finally I’ve also started writing some dialogue for us to play around with in our scene, mixing puzzles with NPC conversations.



Negatives: We didn’t get to work on the puzzle chain of events this week (I wanted to meet with a few of our members to plan that out). What is nice is we have class time this week to have a long meeting and plan out our chain, work on drafts for puzzles, and figure out what models we need first. I wanted to get more done on the room model, but time was consumed by my illustration class.

Looking Ahead:

  • Finish Draft/Assign Hero Models
  • Draft 1 NPC Conversation
  • Finalize Gantt Chart
  • First Draft Central Room Complete

Joseph Brown, PPJ, Fall Week 7


  • Murder Board Prototype 2.5h
  • Camera Prototype 2.5h
  • Conversation Cloud Prototype 1h
  • Puzzle Concept 2h
  • GDD Updates 2h

Total Hours: 8h

Positives: Finally got tangible mockups/ paper prototypes for main interactions with the game! The Conversation Cloud allows players to select what they want to say . The camera should be intuitive to draw and take pictures with, while providing a clear view of what is being captured and staying true to our design aesthetic. The murder board shown here will likely need revision, but serves as a starting point that we can build from, organizing objects in a straightforward way. It also allows easy connections between different ideas, and will hopefully help the player keep track of their own reasoning.

Negatives: I had a two-day swim meet this weekend limited my time this week, but I got everything done that I wanted to get done! We still haven’t gotten a whole team meeting in, but that said, we’re getting together to discuss design and story with the group, which I’m looking forward to.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Player Interaction Document added to GDD
  • Developing UI further for:
    • Object Interactions
    • Puzzles
    • Anything teammates suggest
  • Meeting with Stefan Rank! Pending schedules.
  • Escape Room research and design


Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Fall Week 7

Midterm Madness


  • Group Meeting: 1h
  • PPJ: 20m
  • Character skeleton Modeling: 2h

Total Hours: 3h 20m

Positives: This week we had a group meeting of the full core team for the first time in a bit and it was excellent. We were able to discuss ideas and thoughts about certain choices for specific artistic interpretations. I was informed that I am in charge of modeling the characters as well as creating concepts for them, which isn’t bad, just daunting. I have to create a skeleton we can use for the characters very soon so I have been doing research on how to modeling and rig characters again.

Negatives: This week was completely unproductive for me. I was heavily focused on taking care of midterms and making sure that other classes were taken care of. Now that my other GMAP classes have been taken care of I am poised to put all my effort into the work for this segment of SPROJ.

Looking Ahead: My task is to finish up the final concepts for the characters as well as setting up a character mesh and Rig