Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Spring Week 4

Madeline clothes work: 9h
Voice Line recording: 30m

Total Hours: 9h 30m


I made Madeline super pretty, which is a very arbitrary way to describe her but I am very proud of the jacket I made in Clo 3d so I think it is somewhat warranted, or at least I hope that sentiment is. I also recorded the voice lines for the police chief so that is awesome! Saturday was probably the most productive day I ever had when it came to work, I was able to sit down and shell out the work needed to finish her clothes.MadelineOutfit


Hoooo boy, things really messed up this weekend. I wanted to finish Madeline by Monday but several things got in the way of that. I suffered a major migraine that debilitated me on Friday evening, shutting me out of commission for the entirety of the day after my classes were over which really sucks, I also had to go to my relatives for Easter Sunday so that basically erased my Sunday as an effective work day.

Looking Ahead:
Madeline and Vicktor, enough said.

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Spring Week 3

Work on Madeline’s clothes: 4hr
Work on Vicktor’s clothes and model: 3hr

Total Hours: 7hr


This week I worked on finishing up the clothes for Madeline and Vicktor’s outfits. I learned a great deal about how to make 3d clothes through the Fashion course I am taking with professor Kathleen Martin and as such it has been an amazing help to me. The same goes for the modeling of Vicktor’s arms (which is to say that I added to them). I was also given the task of making the corpse of Ellis, and honestly I think that I will be better off with this now that I know what to do. It seems like I’ll be able to keep my promise about Madeline and Vicktor, and as such I will be putting my whole effort to that this week.


My trial for Marvelous Designer ran out and now I need to actually pay $50 to use it. This put a big stop on the work this week as I didn’t have the money to actively fix this issue until Monday night. I also have to make Ellis, which makes me nervous cause I’m always nervous.

Looking Ahead:
Madeline done
Vicktor Done
Ellis mostly done.

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Spring Week 2

What am I doing


  • Beta Vicktor Model 6hr
  • Madeline Model 10hr

Total Hours: 16 hr


Positives: After giving up our souls for the week and the weekend, we got the assets we needed in the game finished in at least a beta quality. Vicktor has a model! while its not finished, its still a good beta one. Madeline’s foot is fixed too! as well as her arm and some of her textures. Taking the fashion CAD course is awesome because its teaching me what I need to do to get my work for SPROJ done. 


Negatives: I feel exhausted after the week, worse than I have in a while, I don’t think I slept well or at all. For some of it, it is my fault, but I needed to accelerate my time table so there was not much I could do to stop that.

Looking Ahead:  Finishing Madeline and Vicktor by week 3-4


Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 10


  • Madeline Model: 12 hrs
  • Vicktor Model: 3 hrs

Total Hours: 15 hours


Finished Madeline, Janky but shes done. Honestly Its been a wonderful and wild ride in this case and now I know exactly what to do for Vicktor.

  • unknown



Didn’t finish her until nearly the due time, and even then shes “barely functional”.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Vicktor
  • fix madeline if time.
  • scrub more mocap data

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 9


  • Madeline Model: 8hr
  • Madeline Dress: 5hr
  • Viktor Model: 2hr
  • Mavis Helmet: 3hr

Total Hours: 18 hr

Positives: This week I learned how to use marvelous designer and hooooo boy did that help. Because of this Madeline is now nearly 90% done and I was able to start Viktor ahead of schedule. Speaking of this I am now nearly done this model and I am soooo happy.

image0image2unknown (2)

WE finished Mavis also, kinda, sorta. I did the mask and its looking good. All in all I think this is the most productive I’ve been in sproj and I think I am doing worthwhile work. This sounds childish, and in a way it is, but I needed a win so to speak. Regardless, Madeline will be done in the next few days (this time for real).

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Negatives: Didn’t finish Madeline, but nearly done her so we got this.

Looking Ahead: Finish madeline and Vicktor.