Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Spring Week 4


  • SFX Pass: 5h 30m
  • Recording session: 1h
  • Bugfixing: 2h30m

Total Hours: 9 hours


AHHHH things are finally starting to come together! The team is firing on all cylinders and I was able to get 90% of the sound effects we need for the game – gathering, editing, and putting them in engine. Many of them have also been implemented, and it feels really good to see the placeholder audio die a painful death. WE’RE FINISHED RECORDING. Syd wrapped up with our voice actors last week, and Dan and I joined Shiloh in the studio yesterday to record a few last miscellaneous voice lines for the police chief and the jury lead. ALSO! Many bugs were fixed, including Mavis not handing the player the invitation and the characters getting stuck in the doorway. Also, the machine keys have snap capabilities now. Nice.


We still have to fix SnapGrabbable so objects have gravity again when the player drops them, and I have a few more SFX to nab (note made in notepad, and the crunch for sticking in the flower labels, which I’ll be grabbing from STILL ON THE WATER since we already have a perfect sound for that). Additionally, I’ll be implementing the rest of everything, as it turns out spatialization for VR requires a little bit more than spatialization for a standard 3D game. The good thing is that I know what that little bit more entails and should easily be able to do that by next week.

Looking Ahead:

  • More SFX
  • More bugfixing
  • WIP build
  • Implement new tracks if I get them from the sound team.

Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Spring Week 3


  • Fix characters walking into scene animation 2h
  • Meet with sound team 15m
  • Filler models 30m

Total Hours: 3h

The Navmesh is still a little wonky but is greatly improved.

Positives: While I didn’t log a lot of hours this week, the project is progressing well and making the build for our Work In Progress deliverable was very straightforward. Additionally, I’ve managed to make it so the characters walk in in a slightly less terrifying manner. They’re still not perfect, though, and I want to spend some time this week seeing what I can do to make that movement even better. Also, I met with Shiloh, one of our composers, to make sure we’re all still on the same page when it comes to music, and I got the chance this morning to listen to some of the new things he and Angus have been working on writing.

And I made a book.

I feel like Ellis was the type of person to keep around a bunch of heavy books just to make himself look smarter.

Negatives: I had a REALLY light week, which doesn’t make me feel great, especially seeing how hard the rest of the team has been working. This coming week, I plan to be more on top of what needs to be done and be more proactive about taking on tasks. However, I did manage to get a solid 5 hours of sleep the night before class, which is a plus.

Looking Ahead:  I’ll be doing an SFX pass and getting updated sound effects in this week, as well as continuing to fight with NavMesh, squashing any bugs that may arise, and implementing a whole boatload of new stuff as I get it from various people on the team.

Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Spring Week 2

Everything Is Burning


  • Remove items from default layer 30m
  • Machine powerup functionality 2h
  • Mavis hands player the invitation 2h
  • Being Samara’s rubber duck 2h
  • Upgrade Unity 30m
  • Fight with navmesh 4h
  • Implement new hologram/piano puzzle 2h

Total Hours: 13hr

I’m a rubber duck.

Positives: LOTS done and handed off to me by the team this week. I worked on new puzzles, fought with navmesh, and did some rubber ducking with Samara. The holograms and cylinder puzzle are much more intuitive, and we fixed two bugs by upgrading to a newer version of Unity. So long, Laffy Taffy Ellis.

Negatives: We still have work to do. Fixes, sound work, etc. etc. I have faith we’ll get it done.

Looking Ahead:  SFX and assorted bugfixes and juice.

Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Winter Week 10

Everything Is On Fire

Hello and welcome to Prediction Error, where everything is burning.

  • Machine Model: 3h
  • Playtest: 2h
  • Updates for Beta Build: 4h

Total: 9h

WE MADE IT. This week was our last push of winter term, getting new things into scene, preparing our beta build, and generally dying.

The new machine looking pretty.
New Mavis….and he’s dancing.
Samara and I in my hotel room in North Charleston, enjying the absurdity of our situation.

Positives: We got a lot done! Mavis is in-scene, TONS of new art is in, and we’ve got every part of our pipeline in-game. Also, Samara and I managed to drag a full oculus setup to Charleston, SC to playtest with the pep band, which was…interesting.

Erin and Samara’s VR and Facepaint Emporium – sideways! for now

Negatives: PLEASE OH PLEASE WE ARE SO TIRED. We need sleep, it’s finals, GDC is around the corner, and I had to stay up far too late as soon as I returned from Charleston. Also, modeling on a moving bus is not fun.

Why tho

Looking forward:

  • Finalize and polish art
  • Finalize and polsih puzzles
  • Sleep maybe