Sydney Oswald, PPJ Spring Week 9 (Individual Postmortem)

I can’t believe I’m writing a postmortem for my senior project already. It’s been quite the ride from start to finish, but I think we came out the other side alright. There was something refreshing about working on a game for so long, being able to dedicate time and effort to something bigger than any previous project. On the flipside though, it was utterly exhausting. It felt like trying to be a well run game studio while also having an entire other job. Part of me wishes we went smaller. But I’m so happy with what we built as a team. We made a story game! We have conversations and cool interactions and most people got to work on what they wanted to.

Would I want to do this all over again? I’m not sure. I think I’d want to focus on perfecting a few tiny projects to give my portfolio a specialized edge. I got to write a full video game script, but I’m sure it’s not in the right format for a professional showing. I also worked on a lot of the models in the game and boy do I have to thank Cris for being patient with my forgetfulness. If anything, this project has given me a solid understanding of what it’s like to work with a team for longer than 5 weeks. It was a lot of planning and changing, something I think we all did really well. We were good about recognizing scope and adjusting our goals when necessary.

In the future, if I was acting as lead on something I’d prefer that was my only job. Same with writer or modeler. I was much more a flex player on our team and helped where I could. I still feel like a generalist, which isn’t bad, but this hasn’t given me more experience in being a specialized worker.

In the end, I don’t hate the project and I don’t hate the team. I enjoyed our meetings, our memes, and our group therapy. Love you guys.

I will leave the gifs below as my final parting word.


Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Spring Week 8


  • Fix bar Model: 1h
  • Final Voice Line Entry: 45m
  • Edit Bug Video for presentation: 30m
  • Mix final audio for machine and chief: 1h

Total Hours: 3h 15m

Positives: I……I think I’m done? I feel bad as a team lead waiting to be told to do stuff but I think at this point I just need people to throw stuff at me if they need help. Our bug video was cut down to things that non-game devs will hopefully understand and find funny. ALL VOICE LINES ARE IN! YAY! I am now ready to take on whatever other people need help with as long as I can handle it.

Negatives: I goofed and forgot to fix the bar model for Cris after I called my mom. I got it to her a bit late so that was completely my fault.

Looking Ahead: help where I caaaaaaaan, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Spring Week 7


  • Finish Bar Model: 3h
  • Finish Machine Model: 30m
  • Finish Machine Container Models: 1h

Total Hours: 4h 30m

Positives: The bar is done! The machine model is done! The container models are done! WHOO! The rest of the team was amazing and took the sound work off me because I was dying. I’ll probably start helping Cris with textures or Joe with final showcase stuff now.


Negatives: This week was rough for personal reasons but I managed to get the models done I needed to.

Looking Ahead: help find sound effects, put out fires where needed, help anyone that needs it

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Spring Week 6


  • Modeled bar: 6h
  • Fixed the Piano: 30m

Total Hours: 6h 30m

Positives: We have a bar to replace the computer in our one room after deciding to move some furniture around. I’m almost done making a high poly version for Cris and then that will be ready to go! The bar will have hologram notes hidden in it as well as a bunch of stuff for players to throw around.


Negatives: A midterm this week stole my time BUT I have a very clear list of tasks for next week, most of which can be finished in short amounts of time!!!! We’re closing in on cool stuff!

Looking Ahead: Balance voice audio, final machine cartridge models and control panel, combine and implement machine voice lines, make a small prototype object to put in unbroken display case any final bar models needed

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Spring Week 5


  • Voice Lines into Unity: 5h
  • Fixing Ellis: 1h
  • Finalize Piano model: 3h
  • Finalize Machine model: 4h
  • Finalize Camera Model: 2h
  • Lineart for Poster: 2h

Total Hours: 17h

I had way too much fun with Ellis’s model.

Positives: More models to make our room look better! Also!!! Ellis. With. Eye. Thing. He’s in there and WAY less scary than our placeholder monstrosity. Our dialogue is IN. Full conversations can be HAD. New Piano. New Machine. New Stuff! Also art for the poster was done and now it looks pretty sick thanks to Joe!


Negatives: I lost a day over the weekend to GameFest (CONGRATS SONS OF RA!!!!) for work BUT made it up on Monday with no class. Also I broke Ellis’ face just a little bit.

Looking Ahead: Model whatever I am told to, model filler assets as needed, scream