Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Spring Week 6

Daniel Learns another Program


  • Finishing Madeline Clo: 5 hrs
  • Texturing Madeline: 10 hrs

Total Hours: 15 hr

Positives: Whelp, I did it. It only took a couple quarters but dear Madeline is finally finished. It was a long and arduous process, and I needed to learn two separate programs, but we finally did it. I used CLO3D to make her and Vicktor’s outfits and then brought her into substance painter to texture her.

unknown (1)unknown


Negatives: I had a tough time figuring out how best to texture these characters, but I eventually found out what I needed to do.

Looking Ahead: Vicktor

Team PPJ, Spring Week 5

Happy midterms! It’s been another busy week here at Prediction Error, with playtesting, modeling, and lots and lots of bugfixes!

We’re currently in the process of getting the last few things we need into the game so we can wrap up in time for the June 2nd showcase. All that’s left to do are some model imports, small fixes, and minor features and UI updates, which will all be coming in the next few weeks.

We’ll see you on the other side!

Erin Truesdell, PPJ Spring Week 5


We’re sprinting (or flinging)


  • Machine Model Smoothing – 1h30m
  • SFX work – 1h
  • Police Chief ccene – 1h
  • Playtest Prep & Host – 4h
  • Hook up new corpse model – 1h
  • WIP build – 30m

Total Hours: 9 hours


THE GAME IS COMING TOGETHER! I’m getting my hands on more and more things to get the final versions into the scene and get this game looking and running as best as it can. We ran a great playtest with some of Samara’s coworkers, which gave us insights into how people who have never played the game before react to it. I’m currently planning another test with brand-new players for this weekend.


Lots of stuff got to me on the late side and didn’t make it in to this week’s build because, to be frank, it was 2 AM and I decided to prioritize getting sleep. Here’s to not letting school get in the way of my health. There’s still work to do.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Bugfixing, polish
  • Implementing ALL OF THE THINGS!

Joseph Brown, PPJ, Spring Week 5


  • Lobby Poster – 5h
  • Promo Material Final – 2h
  • Lighting Update – 3h
  • UI Polish 30m

Total Hours: 10.5 hours


Worked with Sydney to get a really cool poster together. Our promo material has developed a lot alongside our game, and I love where it’s at.


I’m still spending some time with the lighting, but due to LWRP limitations, I’m still struggling to bring out something that looks good. Going to be working with other teammates next week to really make things shine.

Looking Ahead: 

  • More Lighting Work
  • Other tasks TBA

Chris Lucas, PPJ, Spring Week 5


  • Texture new scene items (80%) 7h 30m
  • Blood drip (100%) 30m
  • Total Hours: 8 hr

Positives: I solved the bug from last week where certain models weren’t showing up in the project, so that’s good. I also started first draft of the particle effect for dripping blood, down from the ceiling to create the puddle the player sees. Texture new scene items is at 80% because we have so many new models – this is a positive in one light, but means there’s more to go through on my end as well. Still a positive, but I wasn’t able to get to all of them this week.

Ellis’ mask and eye

Negatives: Task wasn’t 100% this week, which is also a negative, but I am using more procedural materials to get through the backlog.

Looking Ahead: Texturing more areas and adding in some VFX