Chris Lucas, PPJ, Spring Week 6


  • Texture new scene items (80%) 7h 30m
  • Total Hours: 7 hr 30m

Positives: One of the big things for this week re-sizing and baking the room layout to be a higher resolution. When I did that, I also took care of some other critiques of the room that needed revisiting. The glowing circuit lines, for example, were mostly procedural, and so I went in and touched them up, got rid of ones that made no sense, made sure they’re clean. I also reduced the amount of blood, and added a puddle under where the dripping from the ceiling was. I also textured the piano, and began doing materials for the Machine.

less busy circuits, + higher res
newer blood puddle + other side of room

Negatives: Mostly the ‘negative’ is still just that there’s a backlog, but I’m moving through it.

Looking Ahead: Texturing more areas and adding in some VFX


Team PPJ Spring Week 6

It’s never not a busy week at Prediction Error, and this has been no exception. Week Six starts the final push for digital media senior project teams, so our days have been filled with art finalization, bugfixing, and marketing preparation.

Samara and Erin have been hard at work tackling an ongoing list of “to-dos” spanning everything from non-player characters exhibiting slightly broken behaviors to makin interactions more satisfying for our players.

We’re working to polish the VR interaction portion of our experience to make sure it’s satisfying and fun for our players.

Sydney, Dan, and Chris have been working to complete the beautiful space our players get to move around, with new models and textures coming into the game frequently.

Joe has been working on new UI designs and handling PR visuals as we look towards public-facing events such as the senior expo.

A new conversation UI is in progress.

Next week is more of the same – polish, polish, polish, and get our final presentable items ready for June 2.

Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Spring Week 6

Oh, we’re screaming all the way to graduation.


  • Bugfixing/Polish: 5h
  • Hang poster: 1h
  • Showcase deck: 2h
  • Clean mocap data: 1h30m

Total Hours: 9 hours 30 minutes


Everything is happening! I’m getting new material on an almost daily basis to put into the game, and things are looking really, really good. I spent a bunch of time bugfixing this week, and Samara and I have been splitting up tasks left and right to make sure every bug gets addressed. I’ve got my hands on a bunch of new stuff to put in this week as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing all these goodies get into our game.

“You’ve opened frequently”


There’s still work to do! We’re all tired, midterms have pushed us to our breaking points, and graduation is so close but so far. It’s a matter of somehow forcing ourselves to just get it done.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Bugfixing, polish
  • Keep putting stuff in