Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 10


  • Existing materials and models in scene 4h
  • Fixing texturing bugs 1hr
  • Readjusting and exposing substance 1hr

Total Hours: 6hr

Positives: This week, all objects have some kind of texture, and the substance was also imported into Unity. It comes with settings for the walls, floor, ceiling, etc, and is also able to have its settings changed in engine for color and tiling amounts. Also next quarter I won’t be taking 20 credits, so that’s exciting.

Negatives: There is so much crunch, and so the textures didn’t make it through into the final demo, but we’re there, so it’s alright. It’ll be nice to work on this more when I’m taking less classes. 

Looking Ahead: G D C . And then Break! And then polish quarter.


Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Winter Week 10

Everything Is On Fire

Hello and welcome to Prediction Error, where everything is burning.

  • Machine Model: 3h
  • Playtest: 2h
  • Updates for Beta Build: 4h

Total: 9h

WE MADE IT. This week was our last push of winter term, getting new things into scene, preparing our beta build, and generally dying.

The new machine looking pretty.
New Mavis….and he’s dancing.
Samara and I in my hotel room in North Charleston, enjying the absurdity of our situation.

Positives: We got a lot done! Mavis is in-scene, TONS of new art is in, and we’ve got every part of our pipeline in-game. Also, Samara and I managed to drag a full oculus setup to Charleston, SC to playtest with the pep band, which was…interesting.

Erin and Samara’s VR and Facepaint Emporium – sideways! for now

Negatives: PLEASE OH PLEASE WE ARE SO TIRED. We need sleep, it’s finals, GDC is around the corner, and I had to stay up far too late as soon as I returned from Charleston. Also, modeling on a moving bus is not fun.

Why tho

Looking forward:

  • Finalize and polish art
  • Finalize and polsih puzzles
  • Sleep maybe