Daniel Shalala PPJ, Winter Week 4

Orthos for frenemy and Elder: 7hr

Countess Modeling: 30m

Shirt Design 5m

Total Hours: 7hr 35m


This week I finished the Orthos and got to work on modeling. It seems like a long time coming and thats because it really has been. I was able to get over one of the biggest mental and physical blocks keeping me from getting work done this week


It was a very tough week for some reason and while I got my work done before the weekend, I stressed myself out with my actions. Gotta be better at doing things more efficiently.

Looking Ahead:
Model Frenemy Head

Model Frenemy Chest

Finish Madeline Model and prepare for texturing

Team PPJ, Winter Week 3

We’re in the thick of it now. The Prediction Error team has been swamped with other work and swim meets this week, but we’ve still managed to make incredible progress.

We had a Work In Progress build due this week, so the programming team was hard at work translating puzzle concepts into playable walls in-scene, and the puzzle progression in-game expanded greatly.


The art team has been busy doing everything from concept polish to plant generation, and we look forward to all of these puzzles looking great!

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We’ve still got lots to do, but we are in the swing of production now and we’re sure we’ll have many big updates to come during the rest of this term.

Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Winter Week 3



  • Polish piano cylinders: 5h
  • Gallery Puzzle: 4h
  • General migration into main scene/WIP build: 5h

Total Hours: 14h


Positives: Our Work In Progress is looking really great! The cylinders work better, we’ve got the beginnings of three new puzzles in there, and we’ve done some touching up on the existing stuff as well. I also learned that I am capable of pulling a day where I code for 12 hours.

Negatives: I. HATE. THESE. STUPID. CYLINDERS.  They’ve been the bane of my existence for months, and, while they’ve improved a TON, they’re still not perfect and I’m so, so sick of them. Also, I learned that I probably shouldn’t plan on lots of 12 hour coding days in the future because I’ll die from caffeine overdose.

Looking Ahead:

  • Prototype archive puzzle with Samara
  • Touchups on existing puzzles
  • Migration of my main scene into master branch and relevant cleanup

Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 3


  • Complete and Implement Gallery Puzzle Models 1h
  • Implement New Biowall Models 3h
  • Bugfixing Polybrush in the project 2h
  • Complete Decoration Models & Rearrange Biowall/Decorate 3h
  • Complete models for scanner puzzle 0h (Duplicate Task)

Total Hours: 9 

Positives: Polybrush took some more setup and a couple bug-fixes to get working, but once it did, it made it so much easier to make the pots full of flowers than it would’ve been. The sizes of the flowers got a little wonky, but after painting them all in, I just had to go in and scale them up or down, maybe move them around a little – much faster than manually placing. Polybrush also allowed me to sculpt little dirt piles out of the default capsules so that they didn’t look so inorganic. After implementing those, I moved on to my next task, model for the scanner puzzle, and learned that Syd had already gotten it done, which freed me up to work on making the current Biowall setup look more like our original concept art, including implementing some garden decoration models that needed a little bit of cleanup before going into Unity. In addition to this, also got the frames from last week into the game.

one of five flowers in soil prefabs made
flowers lined up on the biowall w sculpted soil


concept art of biowall area
new biowall area setup
frame from last week in engine

Negatives: This week went pretty smoothly getting things done. There were the Polybrush bugs that added some time onto getting my work done, but in the end I ended up knowing more about how to use the tool, and it’s definitely sped up the rest of my workflow. 

Looking Ahead: More development on the puzzle areas, modeling and implementation.