Team PPJ, Winter Week 4

It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s busier than ever at Prediction Error. We’ve got new models in-game, updates to our puzzles, and nice shiny designs for our promotional material.

There’s still plenty to do though, namely: getting our characters modeled, rigged, and animated; juicing EVERYTHING; getting final textures on modeled objects; and B U G F I X I N G.

Oh, and we have a Work in Progress due next week, so we’ll also be building that with the aforementioned features.

New little touches on the keypad, biowall, and gallery!


New Dialogue
Lightbaked biowall with some new assets
Orthographic for Madeline.

Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Winter Week 4

In Which I Scream at SourceTree and Get A Little Bit Sick


  • Polish exisitng puzzles: 2h
  • Complete master branch merge: 2h
  • Implement All New Models: 30m

Total Hours: 4h30m

A light week over here in Erin’s world. I was lucky that I didn’t have a ton on my docket this week because I can down with some sort of very short mystery illness during Monday night, my primary work time on this project. However, I’m happy to report that

Positives: Good progress is being made, particularly one the code side of things. We’re cleaning up the broken pieces, and, even when Samara and I spend our free time batting ideas back and forth about WHY THE STUPID WALLS DON’T WORK, we generally find a solution somehow. I’m also thrilled to see some of our art getting in-scene. I got Chris’s camera back in the project for Samara’s usage, got my hands dirty in Sourcetree fighting to get our master branch updated in a clean way (shoutout to Samara for doing most of that work last week!), and added some sound framework and label snapping to some of our puzzles. They’re little quality of life updates that don’t take very long, but they’re what keeps the player feeling like their choices matter.

I also like knowing that, though I don’t report the hours here, I’ve been in touch with the team all week collaborating on debugging, branch maintenance, and everything else – while I never sit down to do administration, it’s always on my mind – I’ve even talked about puzzles with Samara during basketball games.

Negatives: I overlooked that we had marketing materials due this week, and was lucky that the art team was on board to generate those assets quickly. Additionally, I didn’t post a status table into our team discord until much too late in the week, and there were misunderstandings between the leadership and the art team, which we have already taken steps to remedy.

Looking Ahead:

  • Get more art assets in
  • New sound, if we have new music from our sound team
  • Bugfixin’
  • WIP build

Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 4


  • Create Additional Decorative Models for Biowall 8h

Total Hours: 8

Positives: This week I started modeling out additional models for the bio-puzzle to fill it out, taking them from Maya to Engine and arranged them in new ways. This included new pots, new materials, hanging grates for vines later, papers for posters, leaves, etc. I also worked on UVing those models so that Unity’s light baking wouldn’t show extreme artifacting on static models, which should allow the game to run faster while also making the objects in the area look better. Again using poly-brush, I sculpted more dirt prefabs for pots and a dirt prefab for the dirt behind the plant wall grating so it’s not just grey anymore (in doing so also learned about Polybrush’s texture painting features).

new assets for the biowall with light baking

Negatives: Ran into some problems with scene management, but they were pretty easily resolved – just had to redo setting up materials, and some gameObjects had dramatically changed sizes. 

this wall of pink is actually a very tiny garden label

Looking Ahead: More development on the puzzle areas, making the plant wall puzzle harder by adding other plants


Joseph Brown, PPJ, Winter Week 4


  • Samara X Joe Brown collab: 1h
  • New UI conversation object: 2h
  • Finish Menu: 30m (not done :c)
  • Promotional Materials
    • T-Shirt: 15m
    • Banners: 2.5h (whoops)

Total Hours: 6h 15m


Finished puzzle docs. Updating GDD and collating everything into a big thing so that people know what to work on.


Had to swim. Swam good tho. More time to work this week.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Implement current UI Draft
  • Computer Screen Archive display in or out of Unity
  • Prerelease Promo Video Draft
  • Finish Main Menu again
Banner Mockups
T-Shirt mockup, two color print. Red text has white underprint for pop.