Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 8

Madeline Model 12hr

Total Hours: 12hr


I Am nearly done with my beautiful model, It has taken so long but I am nearly there. Honestly i would have probably been able to finish it sooner but i became super sick at the onset of the weekend. Regardless I was able to teach myself how to soft model and I only need to finish the arms and the collarbone and we will be good to go. Then will come rigging. Which I luckily have step by step tutorial to follow.


I got super sick and it ruined my plans for getting my work done this weekend. Even though I got through everything else I needed to, it still felt like wasted time. I was only able to work in intervals of 3hrs because my sinuses were threatening to make my head explode. But we here now.52598780_2278806485778042_6341249553022320640_n

To make these two parts make sense literally took me forever, Drexel really needs to give GDAP students soft and organic modeling experience.

Looking Ahead:
Finish/Rig Madeline

Get animations finished and implemented in engine with Erin

Team PPJ, Winter Week 7

This week the Prediction Error team focused on existing in real space. Specifically, this meant coordinating a motion capture shoot and a playtest session, which were our two major tasks for the week. Both went off extremely well. Our mocap data was so well-captured that the time it took the cleaning crew to get it ready to export was far less than expected.

Our reaction when the data came out clean.
Dan (or shall we say Victor) getting a little bit fed up with the player character.

We also participated in a MASSIVE playtest session, coordinated by the wonderful Sydney Oswald, that included several other senior projects and the use of many accepted students as test subjects. This was a great way to get valuable feedback about our game, and find all the pesky bugs we’ve been able to ignore.

This week, then, it’s doing all of the work on the data we collected – getting the cleaned and exported animations into Unity, fixing all the bugs we found during playtesting, and generally making progress on the game’s art and functionality.

The upcoming week will be a challenging one for us. Several of our team members will be heavily focused on other work or flat out not around. Fortunately, we’ve planned for this, and anticipate sitll making healthy progress towards our goal.

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 7


  • Motion Capture Session: 5h
  • Playtest Day: 5h
  • Mocap cleaning: 4h
  • Character Modeling: 5h

Total Hours: 19h


We Get Work Done.



This week we got all of the shooting done for our motion capture animations. While it took two hours longer than expected we were able to finish with a higher quality of work than I expected. Speaking of which, the cleaning of the animations is almost 80% done which is insane. I needed to sleep so I couldn’t finish it all at once. The fact that we are nearly done cleaning these animations after only 4 hours of working on them is a testament to how perfect they are. There were barely any tracking issues with them at all. Our playtest went amazingly as well, we were able to show off the game to a variety of people, my friends and parents included. It was pretty awesome to hear their reactions to what the group had been working on for so long.



The only real negative I can think of is that I wasn’t able to finish the model this week, but I am close and I know what I must do now.


Looking Ahead:

Finish the models and finish the cleaning of animations.

Joseph Brown, PPJ, Winter Week 7


  • Mocap: 3h 20m
  • Playtest Day: 4h

Total Hours: 7.3h


Playtest was super useful! We got a lot of great feedback and saw a lot of shortcomings that we need to tweak during the polishing phase. Mocap was fun, and cleanup ended up being easier than expected.


Next week is all swimming, and I was focused on getting a lot of work done for other classes, unfortunately. There’s a few small things that I’ll be catching up on during the trip, but most of it will have to wait until I get back next week.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Swimming! Gonna be focused on my last championship this week, but then I get to look forward to a huge amount of extra time to focus into this project.

Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 7


  • Craft for models to fill room 2hr
  • Touch up models for playtest 3hr
  • Make materials for walls and floors 5hr

Total Hours: 10h

Positives: This week I was able to start putting the models I’d made with temporary materials and get them in engine. I definitely think they helped fill out the room, and some of them were able to be re-used in multiple places (such as turning the vase model upside down to form cushions, or some other piece of furniture). I also worked on a material that speaks to more of our sci-fi influences that can go on the floors and walls. I made it in substance designer, so it’s procedural, and once implemented we’d be able to get multiple textures out of one material (for example, using a slider to select between different geometric patterns).

Negatives: Some of the models that I re-imported into unity came in without their parented children (like bookcases without shelves), but that should be easy to fix with some restructuring.

Looking Ahead: More models and implementation/especially models and materials that make the room look less sparse.