There’s Been A Murder Team

Team Leads

Sydney Oswald headshot

Sydney Oswald

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Sydney is a Game Design and Production major and real human being from Mertztown, PA. She serves as the producer for There’s Been A Murder and oversees the creation of the game’s visual assets. Sydney enjoys playing video games in her free time; favorites include The Witcher 3: Wild HuntHellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Sydney became a game developer in the hopes of creating works that affect individuals beyond visuals on an emotional level.

Erin Truesdell headshot

Erin Truesdell

Erin is a Game Design and Production major and Music Theory and Composition minor from Claremont, NH. She handles sound integration and oversees public relations for There’s Been A Murder. When she’s not playing or making video games, Erin can be found playing the alto saxophone in one of several local ensembles or spending time with the Drexel Newman Catholic Community. She is fascinated by groundbreaking digital experiences and looks forward to a life of creating works that push the envelope of what a game can be.

Art Team


Joe Brown

Joseph Brown is a Game Design major from San Luis Obispo, CA. He is chiefly concerned with There’s Been A Murder‘s user interface and the user’s VR experience. He is also a member of the writing team. Joseph has been excited about games since a young age, and has a special interest in serious games, and especially how games can serve as a commentary on life and real world events. His passion for making games extends into the water, where Joseph spends a lot of time competing for Drexel’s Varsity swim team.

Chris Lucas headshot

Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas is a Game Design and Production major and Virtual Reality minor from Atlanta, GA. She serves as the art lead for There’s Been A Murder. Chris loves to work in virtual reality and likes narrative games. In her free time, Chris enjoys spending time with animals and reading comics. Chris likes pushing the medium of games and experimenting with platforms and ideas.


Mike Moore

A California-born Philly transplant, Mike is concurrently pursuing his B.S. in Game Design and Production and a M.S. in Digital Media from Drexel University. Previously Mike served ten years in the U.S. Navy as a special forces operator. If not in front of a computer or working out, you can find him exploring West Philadelphia with his English Bulldog Zeus and Rhodesian Ridgeback Obi. Mike is currently working as a digital artist and animator at Pavonis Interactive.


Dan Shalala

Dan Shalala is a Game Design and Production major from Conshohocken, PA. Dan works on the art and story teams for There’s Been A Murder. Dan enjoys working on environmental design and model creation, as well as diving into story and interactions. When he’s not making video games, Dan is the vice president of Drexel’s track and field team, and enjoys playing RTS and third-person RPG games. Dan wants to make games that will be remembered by players for the rest of their lives, and games that can provide the best experience possible.

Programming Team


Samara Painter

Samara Painter is a Computer Science major and and Computer Crime minor from Hamilton, NJ. She is the development lead for There’s Been A Murder. Samara spends far too much of her free time playing video games, and loves to bake. If she’s not doing either of those things she’s likely screaming her head off with the rest of the Drexel Pep Band at a basketball game, where she plays the trumpet. She doesn’t know what she’ll end up doing in life, but she loves learning and experiencing new things, and hopes that this game is a novel, enjoyable experience for all who play it.

Audio Team


Angus Jabbour

Angus Jabbour is a senior Music Industry student from Easton, PA. He started playing music at 15 and decided to pursue a career in the recording arts. He was an intern for the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts as a programming assistant. Angus has also been an intern for In Touch Entertainment as an assistant booking agent. In addition, he worked as a studio intern at Third Story Recording. Currently, Angus is enjoying his senior year by practicing music and working his weekends away to pay for art school.


Shiloh Shareef-Trudeau

Shiloh Shareef-Trudeau is a Music Industry major, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He is co-composer, arranger, and sound engineer for the music of There’s Been A Murder. Early in life, Shiloh developed a precocity for the expressive mediums of music and video games both, leading to a life-long passion for the transportive experiences emergent at the intersection of the two art-forms. When not compulsively writing music, Shiloh enjoys normal human activities such as breathing, feeling things, and initiating a sleep-state during the night.