Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 9


  • Madeline Model: 8hr
  • Madeline Dress: 5hr
  • Viktor Model: 2hr
  • Mavis Helmet: 3hr

Total Hours: 18 hr

Positives: This week I learned how to use marvelous designer and hooooo boy did that help. Because of this Madeline is now nearly 90% done and I was able to start Viktor ahead of schedule. Speaking of this I am now nearly done this model and I am soooo happy.

image0image2unknown (2)

WE finished Mavis also, kinda, sorta. I did the mask and its looking good. All in all I think this is the most productive I’ve been in sproj and I think I am doing worthwhile work. This sounds childish, and in a way it is, but I needed a win so to speak. Regardless, Madeline will be done in the next few days (this time for real).

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Negatives: Didn’t finish Madeline, but nearly done her so we got this.

Looking Ahead: Finish madeline and Vicktor.

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 8

Madeline Model 12hr

Total Hours: 12hr


I Am nearly done with my beautiful model, It has taken so long but I am nearly there. Honestly i would have probably been able to finish it sooner but i became super sick at the onset of the weekend. Regardless I was able to teach myself how to soft model and I only need to finish the arms and the collarbone and we will be good to go. Then will come rigging. Which I luckily have step by step tutorial to follow.


I got super sick and it ruined my plans for getting my work done this weekend. Even though I got through everything else I needed to, it still felt like wasted time. I was only able to work in intervals of 3hrs because my sinuses were threatening to make my head explode. But we here now.52598780_2278806485778042_6341249553022320640_n

To make these two parts make sense literally took me forever, Drexel really needs to give GDAP students soft and organic modeling experience.

Looking Ahead:
Finish/Rig Madeline

Get animations finished and implemented in engine with Erin

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 7


  • Motion Capture Session: 5h
  • Playtest Day: 5h
  • Mocap cleaning: 4h
  • Character Modeling: 5h

Total Hours: 19h


We Get Work Done.



This week we got all of the shooting done for our motion capture animations. While it took two hours longer than expected we were able to finish with a higher quality of work than I expected. Speaking of which, the cleaning of the animations is almost 80% done which is insane. I needed to sleep so I couldn’t finish it all at once. The fact that we are nearly done cleaning these animations after only 4 hours of working on them is a testament to how perfect they are. There were barely any tracking issues with them at all. Our playtest went amazingly as well, we were able to show off the game to a variety of people, my friends and parents included. It was pretty awesome to hear their reactions to what the group had been working on for so long.



The only real negative I can think of is that I wasn’t able to finish the model this week, but I am close and I know what I must do now.


Looking Ahead:

Finish the models and finish the cleaning of animations.

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 6

Recording Voice Lines: 3hr
Madeline Model: 7hr

Total Hours: 10hr


We got the majority of the voice line mock up recordings done which is wonderful! I also nearly finished work on the Madeline model, if I was to estimate I would say that it is at least 70% done which is pretty good considering I’m terrified of modeling organic shapes. Joking aside I wasn’t able to finish the model last week, but I got very close, and I will be able to finish her in the next few days, using this knowledge to help me with the next model also.



Ya boy didn’t finish Madeline model. I am also sleep deprived, but I don’t know if thats related or not.

Looking Ahead:
Finish Madeline
Start Victor