Daniel Shalala PPJ, Winter Week 4

Orthos for frenemy and Elder: 7hr

Countess Modeling: 30m

Shirt Design 5m

Total Hours: 7hr 35m


This week I finished the Orthos and got to work on modeling. It seems like a long time coming and thats because it really has been. I was able to get over one of the biggest mental and physical blocks keeping me from getting work done this week


It was a very tough week for some reason and while I got my work done before the weekend, I stressed myself out with my actions. Gotta be better at doing things more efficiently.

Looking Ahead:
Model Frenemy Head

Model Frenemy Chest

Finish Madeline Model and prepare for texturing

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 3

The Plot Advances (AKA Dan did his job)


  • Countess concept art and orthographics: 2hr
  • Elder concept art and orthographics: 5hr
  • Rival concept art: 2hr
  • Countess model: 30 min

Total Hours: 9:30

Hey, so don’t get too excited, a lot of this time I feel wasn’t as productive as it could’ve been. It was mostly me getting the form and details right. I also lost two of the images I was going to post because I didn’t save the photoshop documents like a fool and my computer shut off, deleting them. However, I have an earlier version of them that I will be updating and adding to this post later.


Positives: I was able to push through my anxiety and stress to get my work done! This work includes the concept and ortho of the countess and the elder and the concept art of the rival. I learned a whole lot about mechanical and metallic objects and how they work with color theory, so that was pretty cool also. I only have a little more work to get done in that regard and then I will be straight on to modeling, of which I know will be leagues easier than the conceptual work.

Negatives: I almost let myself slip this week, and while I definitely wasn’t able to get all of my work done this week I was able to identify the problem that was causing it, which was namely a strange and adverse reaction I have with high enough levels of anxiety. I also lost two of the images I was going to post because I didn’t save the photoshop documents like a fool and my computer shut off, deleting them. However, I have an earlier version of them that I will be updating and adding to this post later.

Looking Ahead: Finishing the ortho for the rival and touching up any designs I have to, starting the models in earnest.

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 2


  • Concept art of characters: 7hr

Total Hours: 7h

Positives: This week I worked on concept art for our characters. I’m almost done and I should be done by tomorrow with all the characters. I need to buckle down and get the

Negatives: I have let that sweeet sweet procrastination set into my bones. Ive taken steps to fix that with running and other activities. I


Chris Lucas, PPJ, Week 6


  • Programming Meeting: 30m 
  • Character Concept Art: 2hr
  • Murder-board Prototype Connections: 3hr 
  • Asset Pipeline Research: 1 hr 

Total Hours: 6hr 30m 

Positives: This week the prototyping team met up to discuss how we should handle prototyping the Murder Board. We decided to divide and conquer. One of the tangible parts about the Board is the ability for the player to draw their own connections between different pieces of evidence in red string, which is what I worked on. I made some custom scripts for Unity’s Line Renderer that allow us to draw different lines between evidence with one renderer, to and from different spots on a piece of evidence, and then move that evidence around during gameplay without breaking lines. I also spent some time researching Zbrush, Daz, and Marvelous Designer as potential programs to use during our character creation pipeline, so that after we finish character concept art, we can begin 3D style tests. Earlier this week, I also made a more defined version of one of my thumbnail sketches from the previous week.


Negatives: I was sick this week for almost 5 days, and mostly in bed. I got my prototyping done without having to go test in VR, but that’s a definite next step. The way the line renderer is implemented, the lines should be drawn based on the positions of the cards, whether they’re being moved around in VR or not. While I was in bed I researched art programs that might help us with asset production, but I definitely didn’t have as much energy as I normally do to work on this. 

Looking Ahead: Next week I should be up and about, and able to test in VR again. I’m also thinking that some of the line drawing scripts might need to be re-designed so that they can more easily handle non-linear connections between long chains of evidence from the same renderer.  

  • Continue Connection Prototyping
  • Merge Murderboard with VR hands interaction
  • Preparation of Week 7 Deliverables


Chris Lucas, PPJ, Fall Week 5


  • Meeting with Jaleese Blanding-Coates: 2h
  • Character Thumbnails and Gothic Fashion Research: 1h
  • VR Scene and Hardware Debugging: 5 hr 
  • VR Hands Scene Grabbables Development: 2 hr 

Total Hours: 9hr 

Positives: This week the rest of the team and I had an amazing meeting with Jaleese Blanding-Coates, a Drexel Grad student currently making a VR game, and were able to demo her work, as well as talk to her in depth about the problems she was having with development, how to fix them, how she was approaching things like motion sickness and locomotion controls, how long each part of her development was taking, and more. She was an amazing resource for moving forward, and we got her contact for future demos. Using the Oculus Avatar SDK, I was able to get hand presence and finger motions implemented this week, as well as grabbing, throwing, etc. I also did some character thumbnail sketches to get a feel for what mix of gothic fashion and robotics we want in our characters.

Negatives: The bad came from development and hardware bugs. Unity not recognizing oculus apps, the oculus playing audio only and no video, SDKs in the project overlapping and throwing a billion errors, things like that. I also got a new laptop that can run VR so I can test on my own, which is a major “good”, but also bad because of initial setup bugs and admin problems needing to be smoothed out. Luckily most of these bugs got fixed Monday night, so the next week of development should be a lot more straightforward, fixing bugs in what we made instead of bugs in the hardware. 

Looking Ahead:

  • More expansive hands interactions 
  • Murderboard Prototype
  • Preparation of Week 6 Deliverables
  • More testing and prototyping in VR
  • More solidified concept art