Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 7


  • Motion Capture Session: 5h
  • Playtest Day: 5h
  • Mocap cleaning: 4h
  • Character Modeling: 5h

Total Hours: 19h


We Get Work Done.



This week we got all of the shooting done for our motion capture animations. While it took two hours longer than expected we were able to finish with a higher quality of work than I expected. Speaking of which, the cleaning of the animations is almost 80% done which is insane. I needed to sleep so I couldn’t finish it all at once. The fact that we are nearly done cleaning these animations after only 4 hours of working on them is a testament to how perfect they are. There were barely any tracking issues with them at all. Our playtest went amazingly as well, we were able to show off the game to a variety of people, my friends and parents included. It was pretty awesome to hear their reactions to what the group had been working on for so long.



The only real negative I can think of is that I wasn’t able to finish the model this week, but I am close and I know what I must do now.


Looking Ahead:

Finish the models and finish the cleaning of animations.

Erin Truesdell, PPJ Winter Week 7

It’s Mocap O’Clock

  • Mocap Cleaning: 4h
  • Playtest Setup/Takedown: 2h

Total Hours: 6h

Alright! Lots of progress made on the mocap and playtesting front this week as our team enters The Week With Half A Team.

Positives: I was one of the team members assigned to clean mocap data this week. The team that actually did the mocap shoot did such a wonderful job producing good, clean, data, that I was able to clean my portion of the animations in one night. Huzzah for good work. Our playtest went off smoothly and we were able to put together a scene in no time to get people in there testing.

Negatives: I do not exist right now. I’m actually writing this PPJ from a hotel room in Atlanta, and was suuuuper swamped this week trying to wrap up a bunch of things before I peaced out for nearly all of Week 7 (yay grad school visits!) Also, our playtesters found a bunch of bugs/other things that need cleaning, so that has to happen. That said, despite the upcoming terror of literally half of our team being AWOL with papers, competitions, and me being Schrodinger’s Grad Student, we are in a position where our planning has made it almost a non-issue. Yay for Gantt charts!

Next week I’m on to…visitng grad schools, mostly. That Ph.D. program ain’t gonna pick itself. Also, probably bugfixing and puzzle updates.

Looking Ahead:

  • Bugfixing and puzzle updates
  • Meet with potential Ph.D. advisors
  • Return to Philadelphia