Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Spring Week 2

Everything Is Burning


  • Remove items from default layer 30m
  • Machine powerup functionality 2h
  • Mavis hands player the invitation 2h
  • Being Samara’s rubber duck 2h
  • Upgrade Unity 30m
  • Fight with navmesh 4h
  • Implement new hologram/piano puzzle 2h

Total Hours: 13hr

I’m a rubber duck.

Positives: LOTS done and handed off to me by the team this week. I worked on new puzzles, fought with navmesh, and did some rubber ducking with Samara. The holograms and cylinder puzzle are much more intuitive, and we fixed two bugs by upgrading to a newer version of Unity. So long, Laffy Taffy Ellis.

Negatives: We still have work to do. Fixes, sound work, etc. etc. I have faith we’ll get it done.

Looking Ahead:  SFX and assorted bugfixes and juice.

Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Winter Week 8

Schrödinger’s Grad Student

  • Get Mocap Animations In-Engine: 30m
  • New Version of Piano Puzzle: 2h
  • Placeholder Characters: 1h
  • Corpse Ragdoll: 1h
  • General Debugging: 1h
  • Deliverables: 30m

Total: 6h

I didn’t exist this week. I’ve now been accepted to FOUR Ph.D. programs in digital media or similar fields, and I spent most of last week traveling to visit two of those schools. HOWEVER! This was a planned occurrence, and I still managed to get quite a bit done – all of my tasks to 100%.

Positives: This was a very productive week, which I hadn’t anticipated. I got a new prototype in, got to see the fruits of our mocap later, and got to laugh my head off while prototyping all of the fun things that happen once the corpse drops into the room. Also, I got to listen to voice actor auditions with Sydney and Samara, and being able to hear our lines spoken by professionals and being able to think about who we’d want in our cast was just incredible.

Aannd his hand works!
Just yeet the corpse, it’s fine.

Negatives: I didn’t get to start on the new piano puzzle as early as I’d have liked, and that means it’s still a little buggy. (I think I just need to accept that these cylinders will be a problem for me for the rest of forever.) Also it’s another late night getting deliverables in, which is not ideal. I want sleep.

Looking forward:

  • Code animations as much as humanly possible
  • The bugfixing never ends
  • Work with art team to get final character models into engine!

Erin Truesdell, PPJ Winter Week 7

It’s Mocap O’Clock

  • Mocap Cleaning: 4h
  • Playtest Setup/Takedown: 2h

Total Hours: 6h

Alright! Lots of progress made on the mocap and playtesting front this week as our team enters The Week With Half A Team.

Positives: I was one of the team members assigned to clean mocap data this week. The team that actually did the mocap shoot did such a wonderful job producing good, clean, data, that I was able to clean my portion of the animations in one night. Huzzah for good work. Our playtest went off smoothly and we were able to put together a scene in no time to get people in there testing.

Negatives: I do not exist right now. I’m actually writing this PPJ from a hotel room in Atlanta, and was suuuuper swamped this week trying to wrap up a bunch of things before I peaced out for nearly all of Week 7 (yay grad school visits!) Also, our playtesters found a bunch of bugs/other things that need cleaning, so that has to happen. That said, despite the upcoming terror of literally half of our team being AWOL with papers, competitions, and me being Schrodinger’s Grad Student, we are in a position where our planning has made it almost a non-issue. Yay for Gantt charts!

Next week I’m on to…visitng grad schools, mostly. That Ph.D. program ain’t gonna pick itself. Also, probably bugfixing and puzzle updates.

Looking Ahead:

  • Bugfixing and puzzle updates
  • Meet with potential Ph.D. advisors
  • Return to Philadelphia

Team PPJ, Winter Week 5

Things are still in motion for the There’s Been A Murder team. This week, we had several large deliverables due, and, despite several of our team members being focused on other projects this week due to a Drexel competition, we’re making great progress towards our goal.

Art is being created and bugs are being fixed.

We built a Work In Progress for our midterm presentation.

Oh, and we did a fun little update that features all of the bugs we’ve encountered thus far.

Up next for the team is continued programmatic polish, LOTS of art asset generation and scene population, and sound and PR – we have lots to do, but are confident we can handle it!

Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Winter Week 4



  • Polish puzzles: 15m
  • WIP build and video: 1h
  • Deliverables: 30m

Total Hours: 1h45m


Most of my time this week was dedicated to getting STILL ON THE WATER ready for Drexel’s internal competition for the Intel University Games Showcase. Fortunately, that hard work paid off, and the team for that game is headed to GDC!

Because of this, I didn’t make a lot of progress this week – and that’s something I know my teammates have also seen as four of us were involved in Monday’s competition. However, we are indeed fortunate – on the programming side, we’re in such good shape (thanks to Samara’s tireless work) that this isn’t really a setback. It’s strange to know that I can be super busy and still get sleep and the project will move forward. That said, I’ve now had two very light weeks in terms of progress in a row, and I want to be a good teammate/lead, so I look forward to diving back in seriously this week now that the internal competition is over and we can breathe for a minute before GDC happens.

Positives: This might be the easiest WIP I’ve ever put together. Everyone has been working really hard, and that shows when it comes time to hand things in. There’s very little frantic last-minute fixing, and I just have to cap everything off and send it in. Shoutout to my team for their hard work and for making this possible.

Negatives: As I mentioned above, I’ve now had two light weeks, which isn’t great. This week my primary game focus will be here instead of with STILL ON THE WATER, so I shoul dbe able to make better progress.

Also, since programming is in good shape, I might get pulled off that to work on some art things this week, which I’m looking forward to!

Looking Ahead:

  • More Polish
  • Art?
  • More Polish