Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Spring Week 4

Madeline clothes work: 9h
Voice Line recording: 30m

Total Hours: 9h 30m


I made Madeline super pretty, which is a very arbitrary way to describe her but I am very proud of the jacket I made in Clo 3d so I think it is somewhat warranted, or at least I hope that sentiment is. I also recorded the voice lines for the police chief so that is awesome! Saturday was probably the most productive day I ever had when it came to work, I was able to sit down and shell out the work needed to finish her clothes.MadelineOutfit


Hoooo boy, things really messed up this weekend. I wanted to finish Madeline by Monday but several things got in the way of that. I suffered a major migraine that debilitated me on Friday evening, shutting me out of commission for the entirety of the day after my classes were over which really sucks, I also had to go to my relatives for Easter Sunday so that basically erased my Sunday as an effective work day.

Looking Ahead:
Madeline and Vicktor, enough said.

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 8


  • Script Writing: 6h
  • Finding voice actors: 20m

Total Hours: 6h


Positives: This week was…something. Honestly it was kind of a bad week for me and I did not get a ton done. I worked on the script and ended up creating a little more work because I changed some conversations that then needed context for things and blah blah blah I need to not be a fool. I put what I do have into twine simply to visualize timing better. Now I have a nifty map of conversations that I can branch from and reorganize. What was cool was the group of voice actor applications from a bunch of people! Real people read my script and that’s just terrifying! We’ve picked favorites, but want input from the rest of the group before we make our final selection.

Negatives: I let my problems get the better of me this week and did not work as much as I wanted. What I will be doing is making up for lost time this whole week and if I don’t get this script done I’m going to eject myself from this plane of existence.

Looking Ahead: Finish script (again pt. 3), send a bunch of emails to voice actors and hopefully begin recording scheduling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 6

Recording Voice Lines: 3hr
Madeline Model: 7hr

Total Hours: 10hr


We got the majority of the voice line mock up recordings done which is wonderful! I also nearly finished work on the Madeline model, if I was to estimate I would say that it is at least 70% done which is pretty good considering I’m terrified of modeling organic shapes. Joking aside I wasn’t able to finish the model last week, but I got very close, and I will be able to finish her in the next few days, using this knowledge to help me with the next model also.



Ya boy didn’t finish Madeline model. I am also sleep deprived, but I don’t know if thats related or not.

Looking Ahead:
Finish Madeline
Start Victor

Team PPJ, Winter Week 5

Things are still in motion for the There’s Been A Murder team. This week, we had several large deliverables due, and, despite several of our team members being focused on other projects this week due to a Drexel competition, we’re making great progress towards our goal.

Art is being created and bugs are being fixed.

We built a Work In Progress for our midterm presentation.

Oh, and we did a fun little update that features all of the bugs we’ve encountered thus far.

Up next for the team is continued programmatic polish, LOTS of art asset generation and scene population, and sound and PR – we have lots to do, but are confident we can handle it!

Team PPJ, Winter Week 4

It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s busier than ever at Prediction Error. We’ve got new models in-game, updates to our puzzles, and nice shiny designs for our promotional material.

There’s still plenty to do though, namely: getting our characters modeled, rigged, and animated; juicing EVERYTHING; getting final textures on modeled objects; and B U G F I X I N G.

Oh, and we have a Work in Progress due next week, so we’ll also be building that with the aforementioned features.

New little touches on the keypad, biowall, and gallery!


New Dialogue

Lightbaked biowall with some new assets

Orthographic for Madeline.