Joseph Brown, PPJ, Spring Week 2


  • “First Room” Posters: 2h
  • UI Polish: 1h
  • Promo Updates:
    • Project Logo 30m
    • Shirt Finalization 20m
    • Informational Poster 2h
    • Key art setup and capture 40m
  • Puzzle Doc Revisions: 30m

Total Hours: 7 hours


PROMO MATERIALS WOOO. There’s still more to be done before the showcase, but there’s talks about ordering our materials now, and the lion’s share of the work is now complete. The team really came together this weekend and got a lot done. The game looks and plays much better as a result, and I’m excited for what we can do with our last few weeks on this project.


We had to make more cuts this week. Of note are the loss of the cylinder puzzle and the current version of the gallery puzzle. For a short experience, it makes sense, but I am somewhat discouraged at how simplistic many of our puzzles have become. On a positive note, however, it took away a lot of frustration for players, which is great.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Final UI pass
  • Gallery Shader
  • Scene Lighting
Instructional Poster for our starting room