Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Spring Week 8


  • Fix bar Model: 1h
  • Final Voice Line Entry: 45m
  • Edit Bug Video for presentation: 30m
  • Mix final audio for machine and chief: 1h

Total Hours: 3h 15m

Positives: I……I think I’m done? I feel bad as a team lead waiting to be told to do stuff but I think at this point I just need people to throw stuff at me if they need help. Our bug video was cut down to things that non-game devs will hopefully understand and find funny. ALL VOICE LINES ARE IN! YAY! I am now ready to take on whatever other people need help with as long as I can handle it.

Negatives: I goofed and forgot to fix the bar model for Cris after I called my mom. I got it to her a bit late so that was completely my fault.

Looking Ahead: help where I caaaaaaaan, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Spring Week 5


  • Voice Lines into Unity: 5h
  • Fixing Ellis: 1h
  • Finalize Piano model: 3h
  • Finalize Machine model: 4h
  • Finalize Camera Model: 2h
  • Lineart for Poster: 2h

Total Hours: 17h

I had way too much fun with Ellis’s model.

Positives: More models to make our room look better! Also!!! Ellis. With. Eye. Thing. He’s in there and WAY less scary than our placeholder monstrosity. Our dialogue is IN. Full conversations can be HAD. New Piano. New Machine. New Stuff! Also art for the poster was done and now it looks pretty sick thanks to Joe!


Negatives: I lost a day over the weekend to GameFest (CONGRATS SONS OF RA!!!!) for work BUT made it up on Monday with no class. Also I broke Ellis’ face just a little bit.

Looking Ahead: Model whatever I am told to, model filler assets as needed, scream

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Spring Week 3


  • Recording Sessions as scheduled: 8h
  • Database Entry: 3h
  • Ellis Concept: 2h
  • Fake Eye Model: 1h

Total Hours: 14h


Positives: One more recording session and WE HAVE ALL AUDIO!! Working with voice actors has been amazing and has gone pretty smoothly! The sounds guys have been super helpful in getting the studio for us and editing everything down. Samara made a cool thing to organize all the files in the database that I don’t fully understand but it’s easy for me to fill in and hand off to her.

Negatives: We got a bit set back in our last character model we need in, but I’ve already talked with Dan about how we can recover and drafted a concept for him real quick. And boy does this lad have a punch-able face.


Looking Ahead: finish database entry file, final voice recordings, finish eye model and camera model, flex where needed

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Spring Week 2


  • Record Mavis Voice Lines: 4h
  • Record Ellis Voice Lines: 2h
  • Model ceiling and pillars: 4h
  • Model room objects and clean up already finished models: 7h

Total Hours: 17h


Positives: I’m getting much faster at making models for Cris to texture and shove into the game. The new room model looks super nice and the new pillars are more feel so much better than the old ones. We also have all actors scheduled for dialogue recording and the first two went super smoothly!

Negatives: I feel like I could have gotten a few more models made but other classes take time too.

Looking Ahead: beep beep we cruisin

Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 10


  • Finish Script: 3h
  • New main room model: 4h
  • Bio Wall Book illustration: 5h

Total Hours: 15h

Positives: THE SCRIPT IS DONE!! So that’s pretty cool. Also I have officially started scheduling all of our actors from both Drexel and Mike Lemon Casting for the first few weeks of spring term. I also laid out a new room structure that Joe says hasSynergyand alsoGoodVibes. We also now have illustrations (in first draft) for the bio wall that helps the player label things correctly.

Pedal to the metal my good bitch.

Negatives: I’m so tired. Can I not have other classes any more?

Looking Ahead: Continue_SSB_(Kirby).png