Team PPJ, Winter Week 9

It’s been another big week here at Prediction Error. Despite several of our team members crunching for another project, we made strides in every department and we’re very satisfied about that.

Animations are in-game and hooked up to controllers!

We have our LAST puzzle in-game!

The accusation mechanic now includes a tablet to keep track of evidence and scary red lights.

The character modelers have FLOORED IT.

Our story map is unfolding beautifully and Sydney has been working tirelessly to include lots and lots of new content in the script ahead of scheduling our voice actors.

Oh, and we updated our sketeches for promotional materials!

And just like that, finals are upon us. As half of our team is traveling to GDC during real finals week, we’ll be spending Week 9 polishing any programming, getting art in-engine, and finalizing things like videos and pitch materials ahead of our final presentation. The finish line is in sight.

Team PPJ, Winter Week 8

It’s been The Week With Half a Team here at Prediction Error, but we’ve still managed to make great progress on There’s Been a Murder.

Bugs were fixed. Mocap animations were implemented. New models are in-engine. Updates to puzzes were programmed. New conversations were added. Voice acting auditions were heard. Oh, and you can now throw a corpse around the room if you so desire.

Nothing like throwing a dead inventor around his lab.

The game experience is really coming together, with a great set of puzzles, interesting conversations, and fewer and fewer bugs each week.

This coming week, we’re back at full capacity, and we look forward to making more progress towards our ultimate goal.

Team PPJ, Winter Week 7

This week the Prediction Error team focused on existing in real space. Specifically, this meant coordinating a motion capture shoot and a playtest session, which were our two major tasks for the week. Both went off extremely well. Our mocap data was so well-captured that the time it took the cleaning crew to get it ready to export was far less than expected.

Our reaction when the data came out clean.
Dan (or shall we say Victor) getting a little bit fed up with the player character.

We also participated in a MASSIVE playtest session, coordinated by the wonderful Sydney Oswald, that included several other senior projects and the use of many accepted students as test subjects. This was a great way to get valuable feedback about our game, and find all the pesky bugs we’ve been able to ignore.

This week, then, it’s doing all of the work on the data we collected – getting the cleaned and exported animations into Unity, fixing all the bugs we found during playtesting, and generally making progress on the game’s art and functionality.

The upcoming week will be a challenging one for us. Several of our team members will be heavily focused on other work or flat out not around. Fortunately, we’ve planned for this, and anticipate sitll making healthy progress towards our goal.

Team PPJ, Winter Week 6

Hello from the other side of midterms! The Prediction Error team has returned to the grind this week and has crafted lots of new fun things.

New fun things like an opening conversation with all 3 characters and a nice invitation with a keycode!

All I got was an email!

New fun things like a game with fewer bugs.

New fun things like Madeline!

Creator, botanist, innovator.

New fun things like decorations for the study and biowall.

New fun things like switching between multiple soundtracks!

And much, much more!

There’s still a lot of work ahead of us. This week we have a mocap shoot and a playtest scheduled, and those will both be great opportunities to again make big progress on this project. Next week we’ll be losing two people to various obligations (swim championships and grad school visits), but fortunately we’ve planned ahead and are confident the game will continue to move forward.

Next week we’ll be posting lots of fun pictures from our meatspace events, as well as info on all of the data we collected.

Team PPJ, Winter Week 5

Things are still in motion for the There’s Been A Murder team. This week, we had several large deliverables due, and, despite several of our team members being focused on other projects this week due to a Drexel competition, we’re making great progress towards our goal.

Art is being created and bugs are being fixed.

We built a Work In Progress for our midterm presentation.

Oh, and we did a fun little update that features all of the bugs we’ve encountered thus far.

Up next for the team is continued programmatic polish, LOTS of art asset generation and scene population, and sound and PR – we have lots to do, but are confident we can handle it!