Chris Lucas, PPJ, Spring Week 6


  • Texture new scene items (80%) 7h 30m
  • Total Hours: 7 hr 30m

Positives: One of the big things for this week re-sizing and baking the room layout to be a higher resolution. When I did that, I also took care of some other critiques of the room that needed revisiting. The glowing circuit lines, for example, were mostly procedural, and so I went in and touched them up, got rid of ones that made no sense, made sure they’re clean. I also reduced the amount of blood, and added a puddle under where the dripping from the ceiling was. I also textured the piano, and began doing materials for the Machine.

updated blood pool , cleaned walls, higher res

Negatives: Mostly the ‘negative’ is still just that there’s a backlog, but I’m moving through it.

Looking Ahead: Texturing more areas and adding in some VFX


Chris Lucas, PPJ, Spring Week 5


  • Texture new scene items (80%) 7h 30m
  • Blood drip (100%) 30m
  • Total Hours: 8 hr

Positives: I solved the bug from last week where certain models weren’t showing up in the project, so that’s good. I also started first draft of the particle effect for dripping blood, down from the ceiling to create the puddle the player sees. Texture new scene items is at 80% because we have so many new models – this is a positive in one light, but means there’s more to go through on my end as well. Still a positive, but I wasn’t able to get to all of them this week.

Ellis’ mask and eye

Negatives: Task wasn’t 100% this week, which is also a negative, but I am using more procedural materials to get through the backlog.

Looking Ahead: Texturing more areas and adding in some VFX


Chris Lucas, PPJ, Spring Week 4


  • Texture new scene items (100%) 5h
  • Baking and implementing new room textures (100%) 4hr
  • Painting new blood streak 1hr (90%)
  • Blood particle effect 30 m (100%)

Total Hours: 10 hr 30m

new blood stain (scene lighting off to see it better in screenshot)
New room material colors (scene lighting off)

Positives: Putting in the newer room colors brightens things up a bit, and will hopefully make the scene much easier to navigate, since now other objects can stand out against white instead of black, and details in the floor are easier to see since it has also been lightened (same as in the hallway). The new bloodstain was also really fun to paint, and I think will help telegraph what happened: it begins with a larger pool, and then smear marks leading to a smaller pool, with a particle effect dripping down from the ceiling. If read correctly, it should tell players where Harding was killed, dragged, and possibly where he is now.

Negatives: This is currently being troubleshot, but some of my OBJ files aren’t appearing in the project for anyone else. I’ve tried renaming and re-adding them, manually making sure git is tracking them, and other things. Not sure why it’s not working, but still trying to fix it.

Looking Ahead: Texturing more areas and adding in some VFX


Chris Lucas, PPJ, Spring Week 3


  • Texture new scene items (100%) 3h
  • Revisit room texturing with newer moodboard 5hr

Total Hours: 8hr 

Positives: We have a pretty large spread of different tones and color palattes in our moodboards, and one newer image courtesy of Syd offered brighter colors that might make the room more readable. So this week, I created those materials, which were actually pretty similar to a previous art test.

Negatives: I left Philly this weekend because a family member is very sick, and so most of my Sproj work time was spent traveling and visiting instead. It’s not a very big negative though, all things considered. I still got some textures painted, in what I believe will be closer to final colors for the room visibility wise, and I also really needed to go see them sooner than later.

Looking Ahead: Iterating on the environment.


Chris Lucas, PPJ, Spring Week 2


  • Finish Room Textures and Implement (100%) 9h
  • Arranging in Engine/Shelving Designer Materials (100%) 3h
  • Finish Pillars, and Furniture Textures/Implement (100%) 5h

Total Hours: 17hr 


Positives: So last quarter, I made some procedural sci-fi materials to use in the Unity Scene. This week, to get some more tailored results, I took those into Substance Painter and added them to most if not all filler objects that we currently have, and then also implemented those into unity, to try and get them to look just as good in-engine. I enjoy texturing things, so that was a plus, and there weren’t many bugs or unexpected glitches in the pipeline for getting them into engine after they were exported. I’m also glad to have more time to work on this than last quarter.

Negatives: Things went pretty smoothly, so there weren’t many negatives. Some models need their UVs revisited, but that’s a simple fix.

Looking Ahead: Iterating on the environment.